WeatherShield, Windsor, Pella, & Simonton Window Installation Masters™

The Judicious Windows group has also been selected from the middle of our Window Pyramid (like our Awesome Windows group), which we consider to be the best overall value from the major window brands. The Judicious Windows are perfect for homeowners who are on a budget and are looking for quality windows that are warrantied to perform well, at a very judicious price.

The Window Geeks can work with you to value engineer these windows specifically for your home, using your selected product preferences and our vast knowledge of each brand. We will work together with you to match you with the finest windows available in your price range, installed by certified Installation Masters™, at the best possible price.

  • Aluminum Clad Exterior Windows with Real Wood Interior

    These lines offer the most customization, exterior clad colors, wood species and factory finished interiors which can be stained or painted. This group is manufactured with either an Extruded Aluminum Exterior or a Roll Formed Exterior.

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    Pella ProLine 450 Series
    The 450 Series offers beauty of quality wood products combined with low-maintenance exteriors, at a competitive price. You can also select some of Pella’s most popular features and options in the 450 Series to meet your design needs; like eight colors of EnduraClad® protective finishes to choose from, plus fold-away casement handles and high-transparency screens.

    Pella ProLine windows offer the energy-efficient options that will meet or exceed ENERGY STAR guidelines for Minnesota.

    Weather Shield Signature Series™
    From Craftsman to contemporary architecture, Signature Series Casement windows are versatile and easily complement a variety of designs. Units feature an extruded aluminum clad exterior and wood interior. Casements sash crank open for maximum ventilation. Units are available in a variety of styles including bows, bays, picture combination windows and more.

    Signature Series Double Hung windows boast authentic, traditional aesthetics that will make your project timeless. Units feature an extruded aluminum exterior and wood interior. Sash tilt in or can be removed for easy cleaning. Many double hung styles are available including cottage, oriel, and double hung bay units.

    Windsor Pinnacle Series
    Strength and beauty intertwine in the Windsor Pinnacle Series. Using only the finest wood, a variety of cladding color options and numerous shapes and sizes available, you can maximize the customization of your home.

    The Pinnacle line also offers a wide array of options and finishes to fit any decor. Flashy and eye-catching or simple and understated, our hardware, finishes, grille options, cladding colors, glass and trim options complete the perfect window and door package.

  • Vinyl Exterior Windows with Real Wood Interior

    This line offers similar features to the Aluminum Clad line, but with typically fewer custom options.

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    Weather Shield Aspire Series™
    Aspire Series Double Hung windows offer a classic look and the warmth of a wood interior, yet the vinyl clad exterior makes them low maintenance. Both top and bottom sash operate up and down with ease and can be tilted in or removed for easy cleaning. Many styles are available including radius top, eyebrow, picture combination units, as well as double hung bay units.

    Aspire Series Casements vinyl clad wood windows are both durable and energy efficient. Special features such as a multi-point sequential locking system and sleek hardware designs provide a secure and aesthetically appealing window. Casements open a full 90 degrees for maximum ventilation and easy cleaning. A variety of casement styles are available including radius top, eyebrow, picture combination units, as well as casement bows and bays.

  • All Vinyl Exterior and Interior

    These lines are generally thought of as maintenance free interior and exterior

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    Weather Shield Visions 3000 Series
    The 3000 Series are premium vinyl windows that provide amazing strength and durability without breaking the bank. All Visions 3000 products are made from select PVC with high-impact modifiers and UV stabilizers for colorfastness through years of sun exposure. The extruded vinyl in white, cameo and tan, resists chipping and cracking.

    They are designed with a multi-chambered frame to minimize heat and cold transference for years of comfort, while reducing the degree of seasonal expansion and contraction. Fusion-welded seams on the frame and sash, and metal stiffeners inside the units ensure durability and integrity during installation.

    Pella Encompass Series
    Pella Encompass Series windows Advanced Balance System ensures their double or single hung windows open and close easily, to give you years of smooth, easy operation. Low-maintenance vinyl frames mean no more painting! The solid color throughout the vinyl helps to keep minor dings and scratches virtually invisible.

    Pella also uses a different approach in their high-performance insulating glass construction. They remove the Low-E coating where the glass meets the sealant. This extra step helps reduce the possibility of the glass seal failing, which can cause fogging and reduce energy efficiency.