Here is how to get the best value when selecting windows for your home.

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Just answer these three questions:

1. What CONDITION are the windows in?
Check for defects: Moisture damage, seal failure (cloudiness), ease of operation, and their aesthetic appearance.

2. How do they PERFORM?
Check the functionality: Opening the windows, screen condition, hardware quality, blinds in glass, thermal performance, Energy Star rated, design pressure ratings, exterior paint finishes, benefits of wood grain pattern on vinyl (it doesn’t age or degrade like wood) and the warranty.

3. What are your top PRIORITIES?
What do you value most in windows?

  • Thermal Performance
  • Functionality
  • Warranties
  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Price
  • Style
  • Real Wood
  • Vinyl Efficiency
  • Color
  • Stain Match
  • Exterior Color Match

The Window Pyramid

To illustrate the different categories of windows that are available we have used the following analogy: The Pyramid shows that all residential windows can simply be divided into 3 different groups to make the selection processes easier to understand.

TOP The top third of the window category consist of most of the same brands that are available in the middle third of the pyramid; however the top third offers more customizable products, upgrades and features that are not generically considered "standard windows."

MIDDLE The middle third is what we consider to be the best overall value from the major window brands. We generally recommend these windows because they offer the best value for the cost, along with their performance, standard features and warranties. These windows can also be value engineered with our help, using your selected product preferences and our knowledge of all the brands, to match you with the best possible product and price.

BASE The base of the pyramid is made up of the remaining third of all windows that are price driven products. These windows may initially seem like a good value because they are priced 15-25% cheaper, but what most homeowner’s forget is those savings are only on the material costs, the labor and finishing costs of installation will be the same as a quality window. Statistically these base priced windows don’t function as well and account for 99% of all callbacks after only a couple of years; that is the reason customer satisfaction is so low with these price driven products.

All of our recommendations below are from the middle and the top tiers of the pyramid; they offer the best value for the price. Both the Awesome and Judicious groups are from the middle tier; the Stellar group is the top tier which offers customizable features and upgrades.