Marvin Ultimate, Andersen E-Series, plus Kolbe & Pella Designer Windows

The Stellar group is the top tier which offers more customizable products, upgrades and features that are not generically considered “standard windows”.

  • Aluminum Clad Exterior Windows with Real Wood Interior

    These lines offer the most customization, exterior clad colors, wood species and factory finished interiors which can be stained or painted. This group is manufactured with either an Extruded Aluminum Exterior or a Roll Formed Exterior.

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    Marvin Ultimate Series with Extruded Aluminum Exterior
    The Ultimate Casement window from Marvin is the most innovative and highest performing casement on the market, offering expert craftsmanship, countless customization options and superior value. Designed to suit virtually any application, these state-of-the-art windows offer the most durable hardware in the industry, ensuring easy opening and smooth operation over the life of your window.

    Andersen E-Series with Extruded Aluminum Exterior
    Every E-Series/Eagle® window and door is made to your exact specifications, giving you unmatched freedom to create the home of your dreams. With E-Series/Eagle windows and doors, the home you’ve always imagined can be more than a vision. It can be reality. Personalize your windows by selecting your unique style from a wide choice of custom colors, dramatic sizes, dynamic shapes and exotic woods.

    Kolbe Ultra Series with Extruded Aluminum Exterior
    The Ultra Series includes many product types, models and options to choose from. Extruded aluminum accessories recreate the traditional appearance of wood. Architectural detail, functionality and performance make Ultra Series products ideal for either new construction or remodeling your home.

    Pella Designer Series with Roll Formed Exterior
    Pella Designer Series gives you less to worry about and more ways to decorate your home. Pella’s “between the glass” blinds and shades stay protected from dust and damage, so they don’t need constant cleaning. Thanks to our exclusive snap-in technology you can change them easily yourself, no tools needed! We also offer our Designer Series with triple-pane glass for exceptional energy efficiency, comfort and energy savings.

  • Composite Exterior with Real Wood Interior

    This line offers similar features to the Aluminum Clad line, but with typically fewer custom options.

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    Andersen A-Series with Composite Exterior
    A-Series products from the Architectural Collection provide the variety and options you need to achieve virtually any architectural style with true authenticity. The windows and doors in this series were designed in conjunction with leading architects to ensure each is authentic to the architectural style you select.

    The A-Series windows and doors are also the best-performing, most energy-efficient windows and doors Andersen has ever offered. And like all Andersen products, they are supported by 100-plus years of commitment to quality, the service you’d expect from a leader and the reputation of the most trusted name in the industry.

  • All Fiberglass Exterior and Interior

    These lines are generally thought of as maintenance-free exterior and interior which makes them quite popular, however they are available in less exterior color options, about 3-6 to choose from.

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    Marvin Integrity with Ultrex
    Integrity windows and doors are made with Ultrex pultruded fiberglass, a material patented nearly 20 years ago when Integrity pioneered the fiberglass windows and door category. Integrity has led the category ever since with a commitment to a product that is tough, smart, long lasting, and worry-free.

    Ultrex is quite possibly the perfect building material for windows and doors. It’s durable, strong, stable, low-maintenance and efficient. Integrity windows and doors made with Ultrex pultruded fiberglass outperform roll-form aluminum, vinyl, and vinyl/wood composites in virtually every measurable category. While other windows might bend, break, or crack over time, Integrity windows hold strong and perform under great stress without showing age or wear.

    Pella Impervia with Duracast
    Pella Impervia products are made from Duracast which is Pella's five-layer, engineered fiberglass composite. Duracast fiberglass composite resists warping in summer and becoming brittle during winter.

    Pella Impervia windows and patio doors feature a durable powder-coat finish for the stylish look of painted wood. They are available prefinished in your choice of White, Tan, Morning Sky Gray, Brown or Black or an optional dual-color frame: White interior with a Tan, Morning Sky Gray, Brown or Black exterior, to complement your home’s interior and exterior design.

  • Vinyl Exterior with Simulated Wood Interior

    These are vinyl windows with the added benefit of having simulated wood interiors, which are much easier to clean and maintain than real wood interiors.

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    Thermo-Tech with Wood Grain Vinyl Interior
    Get the warmth and classic beauty of wood with the comfort and ease-of-maintenance of vinyl. Thermo-Tech never stops improving their vinyl windows and doors. They start with expert design, durable construction and maintenance-free 100% virgin vinyl.

    Homeowners who are looking for easy care interior options love Thermo-Tech wood laminates, which feature the warm look of wood combined with maintenance-free durability of vinyl.

    Thermo-Tech windows are expertly designed and manufactured to provide cost-saving energy efficiency, exceptional safety and security along with greater comfort and beauty all year long. They are manufactured using strong, premium-grade materials that help keep the harsh Minnesota weather outside and the comfort inside.